Tell the story of you. Be real. Get results.

I empower people to be real with themselves and with others every day by getting them to share, listen and understand their own and others perspectives. By doing so, people improve how they communicate and learn how to collaborate. They become more productive and make better decisions for the organization and themselves.

Using a combination of proven learning and engagement tools, such as storytelling, humor, active listening, as well as authenticity, clients learn how to develop a rich, tapestry of behaviors and productive relationships that help them achieve their goals.

When you can be real and genuine at work and integrate your whole self into your role, you set the stage to be more successful and achieve greater career satisfaction.


  • Organizational Story Teller
  • Key Note Speaker
  • Facilitator
  • “Soft Skills” Trainer
  • Coach
  • Writer
  • Humorist

Target Areas: Employee Engagement, Inclusion & Retention, Professional Development 

Using stories in the workplace can create memorable moments and provide a meaningful opportunity for authentic engagement. Sharing a story that brings laughter, humor and meaning draw people in to listen and learn.

Whether you are problem-solving, facilitating change, developing staff members or teams, making it real with a well told story guarantees better results.

I am a Story Collector & Connector – working with you to champion collaboration, communication & engagement.