Tell the story of you. Be real. Get results.

Our personal stories create memorable moments. And humor helps. Sharing a story that brings laughter and people will stay to listen and learn. You’re creating an intimate, meaningful opportunity for authentic engagement. Delivering good news or bad, making it real with your story told well guarantees better results.

It’s what I do: collaborating with you to help you be fully engaged at work.

I help people find their true selves at work or school. When you can be real, genuine and personal at work can you relax into your role, be more successful and achieve greater career satisfaction.
Using a combination of proven learning and engagement tools and story-telling techniques clients create a rich, personal tapestry of useful anecdotes, stories and even poems that help them achieve what they want.


  • Story Teller
  • “Soft Skills” Trainer
  • Coach
  • Facilitator
  • Writer
  • Humorist
  • Speaker

I help people find their true selves at work using stories, poetry and humor as learning and engagement tools, resulting in greater career satisfaction, personal engagement and more productive lives.

Services include presentations, keynotes, workshops, motivational writings, and coaching.

I focus on employee retention, engagement, career development and workplace transitions.

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