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Take a Daily Commute from Boredom to Inspired Innovation

Growing up in New York in the 70’s required special training especially when it came to riding a subway car. They basically consisted of my mother saying “Don’t talk to strangers, don’t stare at anyone, know where you are going, keep moving and be alert at all times.” This sentence was drilled into me every …

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Networking? Ask One More Question

Have you had this experience? You’re at a business event and you meet a fellow attendee and spend five minutes sharing basic information like your name, job title and event-related comments. You think you’re doing a reasonable job of being appropriately engaging and inquisitive. You haven’t made any verbal social missteps. You’ve even asked your …

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Interview Tips – How to Handle the Post Interview Period Effectively

Interview Follow-Up Tips Have you had this experience? Interview day. It’s a beautiful, sunny day and I walk out of Company’s X’s lobby with a spring in my step because I know in my heart of hearts that I rocked this interview! I was “on my game” the whole time. I shared great stories about …

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