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Use Riddles to Foster Disruptive Thinking

Question: What do you call a bagel that can fly?

Answer: A plain bagel*

Would you like to spark some creative energy and disrupting thinking into your next meeting? Consider including a  riddle in your meeting remarks.

Not only does humor help us relax and listen, it actually helps us to think better.

In addition, since doing puzzles can improve our memory, concentration, vocabulary, and reasoning skills it doesn’t take rocket scientists to see that they also raise our IQs. A study at the University of Michigan showed that doing puzzles for at least 25 minutes a day can boost your IQ by 4 points.

Not convinced yet?

Here’s are a few more resources that address how riddles can teach us about our mind:

Finally, if you are committed to developing a positive disruptive thinking culture in your teams, I recommend that you read The Guide to Positive Disruption – How to Thrive and Make and Impact in the Churn of Today’s Corporate World” by Joanna Martinez.

*Thank you – Morgan Cutolo for this fun Reader’s Digest Magazine Article at

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