Navigating Change is like a Queens, New York Commute

I have often said that navigating change can be a lot  like traveling across Queens, New York In the following ways:

  • you start off knowing the direction where you want to head in but
  • direct routes are rare and
  • the streets will lead you in unexpected directions that
  • don’t make any sense and can
  • cause frustration and
  • challenge your navigation skills
  • One thing is for certain, your trip won’t be boring and
  • You can count on having an interesting story to share when you finally arrive

What will help?

  • Talk to a local who is familiar with the area and see what direction they point
  • Then gather other opinions  because like Queens, change is not linear and everyone has their own line of vision
  • Don’t be surprised if the information you receive is contradictory or even confusing much like Queens’ overuse of roadways numbered “63rd,  The good news is by the time
  • You’re done, you’ll know where you should be and where you don’t want to go

Julienne B. Ryan is a humorous speaker and the author of The Learned It in Queens Communications Playbook – Winning Against Digital Distraction.