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My Library Helped Me To Stretch And Learn

Libraries have helped me stretch as I learned and reached out for knowledge. They played an important part in my life, particularly when growing up in Queens, New York.

Tote bag in hand, I’d board the 44QA bus with my mother and head over to the Glen Oaks Library on Union Turnpike. I thought that this library was a magical place because it housed a world of stories and characters. I wanted to read every book they had and discover every section of that library.

I would read books of fables, mythology, and tall tales during some visits. On other visits, I would work my way through the fiction sections, traveling through Paris with Madeline or New England with the March Sisters. As I got older, I would devour autobiographies to learn how others had overcome challenges and achieve their dreams.

No matter how old I was, I always left the library lugging as many books as I could carry. Those books allowed me to travel to far-off places and learn about other cultures. They opened up a world of possibilities.    

This week, I had the honor of being interviewed by the Queens Library’s Program Leader, Gennady Yusim as part of their Author Series. We talked about my funny book, “The Learned It In Queens Communication Playbook – Winning Against Digital Distraction.” and our discussion focused on navigating our digital communication challenges.

The event was very special because the Queens Library System is celebrating its 125th Anniversary as a valued institution and one of the largest library systems in the country. My interview provided me with the opportunity to acknowledge the impact my local library has had in my life and that our public libraries matter more than ever.

So, with great appreciation, I’ve gathered noteworthy information about Queens Public Library and what it represents. The Library: