STORYTALKS - A Podcast by Narativ

Vulnerability, Leadership & Storytelling

Do you share anything of yourself when you present to your team or your customers?

If you do, does it make you feel vulnerable? Is vulnerability a good thing? How do you know?

When a leader shared a personal story about his father to demonstrate a point, the audience was leaning in, and many stories were told as a result, that gave this leader a wealth of information.

He felt vulnerable, and was afraid he’d get emotional.

Why are we so afraid of showing emotion in the business world?

Every time a leader shows emotion in a business context, it actually engages the audience more.

We explore vulnerability, leadership and storytelling in Narativ Inc‘s latest podcast episode of STORY TALKS, hosted by me and Julienne Ryan

Lots of real world stories with practical advice on how to tell stories that will perhaps make you feel vulnerable, but are likely to engage your audiences (and yourself) like nothing has before.

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Here’ the link to full episode.