STORYTALKS - A Podcast by Narativ

Learning From First Graders

How are you engaging your employees as they come back to the office?

Are you going fully remote? Fully in person? Hybrid? Staggered?

So many of these terms were only a small part of corporate life, now it’s all we think about.

What can we learn about how to re-engage and welcome people back from other institutions, outside of business?

We turned to the school system and its protocols during peak pandemic times to see what we could learn from it in our latest episode of STORY TALKS, a Narativ Inc podcast hosted by me and Julienne B. Ryan

From safety protocols to learning experiences and rituals that make everyone feel a sense of belonging, there’s much to learn on this one!

As always, we make sure you have concrete take away’s that you can implement without having to reinvent the wheel or add complicated systems to what you already have.

Here’s the link to the episode: