folded slice of Queens Pizza

Happy Thanksgiving – “Keep it Authentic but keep it together at the table!”

Keep it Authentic but most of all keep it together!

Happy Thanksgiving! Here’s my “Learned-It-In Queens Communications” style holiday wish for everyone (including me!)

I hope that you have the opportunity to gather with friends and family this weekend and share special moment around the dinner table.

1. Breaking bread together provides us with an opportunity to break down barriers and nourishes. Consider it the yeast of communication

2. If you encounter a communication challenge at a gathering, remember Play #1 “Keep it authentic but most importantly, keep it together!” *  

Let me explain what I mean with a slice of Queens, New York pizza.   
When Queensites eat a slice, we fold it in half so we don’t lose any of the toppings and we can stop the oil and sauce from dripping all over us.

It’s the same way with our communications. We have got to figure out how to keep it together when we are authentically communicating.  Try to remember who you are and what you are trying to accomplish.

Take the time to listen, find some common ground and learn from each other one story at a time. 

Stay safe and well. 

PS – Big shout out to Matthew Bond Investment Services (a fellow Queensite) for allowing me to use your photo and share it when I spotted it on your FB feed this morning!
Thank you very much!