Have you had your Hollywood moment?

Have you had your Hollywood moment?

Have you had your Hollywood moment?

You know, the moment when you pitch your start up in front of an audience of investors, and after 3 minutes, they all give you a standing ovation and millions of dollars in seed money?


Is that even real?

Recently, we sat down with Penny Schiffer, who went from VC to start up entrepreneur helping VCs make decisions with her cutting edge AI tech, for the podcast STORY TALKS, that I (Jerome Deroy) host with Julienne B. Ryan

Penny Schiffer start up Coach and Entrepreneur
Penny Schiffer, Founder & CEO of @Rasized.ai

We talked about the difference between the Hollywood moment (which is a fantasy) and the long game that start up entrepreneurs need to play to gain VC capital.

So how do you build a story for your start up that endures the test of time?

What are the phases you need a story for?

How will it evolve over time?

These are all issues we addressed with Penny, and summed up in our latest blog post.

Click here to see the entire article : https://narativ.com/2022/01/19/building-a-story-for-your-startup/

Click here to listen to the podcast https://www.audible.com/pd/Podcast/B08JJNCC27