A cellist and ensemble model excellent teamwork during a concert mishap.

Calm Communication and Teamwork Hits the Right Note

Calm, communication and teamwork matters when the unexpected occurs. Watch this video to see how Rene Schiffer, Cellist with the Apollo’s Fire Ensemble and his fellow musicians react when his bow snaps during a performance.

Scroll down to watch the video clip and to see the looks, smiles and gracefully executed changes. There are so many great lessons to be learned about :

Composure – The cellist registered surprise and a smile when the mishap occurred and quietly withdrew from the stage without drawing unnecessary attention to himself

Empathy – The cellist fellow musicians extended empathy through their facial expressions

Communication – The musicians used their eyes and bodies that they understood what needed to be done. No one stopped the performance to have a meeting and a lengthy discussion

Team Roles – The musicians not only knew their parts they knew each other’s parts

Teamwork – The ensemble adapted to the change deftly and without missing a beat. (literally)

Crisis Planning – Discussing and planning for a potential challege makes a difference. We can assume that the string section has popped a few strings in practise sessions. Those occurences prepared them for the many “What if’s?” that occur during live performances.

A Shared Mission – The musician’s actions was a musical emodiment of the expression “the show must go on!”

Customer Experience – The important part that the audience play in their work is clearly apparent. The ensemble retained their focus and the music continued

Problem Solving – We witness this when the cellist returned to his seat on the stage with a new bow and a smile and commenced playing

Apollo’s Fire Ensemble hit all the right notes and gave a great lesson about teamwork during their performance. Smile and adapt! https://jryanpartners.com/