How can we learn how to dialogue with others?

How do you create dialogue in a polarized environment?

How do you create dialogue in a polarized environment?

Seems like it’s impossible to have a conversation that at some point will not devolve into a series of opinions that culminate in someone (or more people) leaving in a huff.

What are your strategies for listening in such a world?
What tactics have you employed that foster dialogue in a difficult setting?

Consider Socratic Dialogue and follow Sira Abenoza’s work with the Institute for Socratic Dialogue and as a professor at Esade law and business schools in Spain.

We recently had the pleasure of speaking to Sira for the Narativ Inc podcast STORY TALKS with my co-host Julienne B. Ryan who found Sira after watching her wonderful TEDx talk.

We loved the conversation so much that we made a blog post out of it covering Sira’s work to create dialogue in prisons, as well as between Northern Irish people on both sides of the conflict. Each time, her team got people to connect and have a fruitful dialogue.

Sira Abenoza - Founder of Socratic Institute

In this post, you will learn how to do this for yourselves, at work, and at home.

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