Julienne Ryan writes about the importance of human connection

The Power of Human Connection – A Lesson in a Mug

A simple mug of Hot cocoa provided me with a lesson about the power of human connection.

My husband and I love to welcome friends to our home during the holidays. I love cooking and seeing what friends brought to share. To me there is nothing like sharing a recipe to spark an amazing conversation about family history, travels or creativity. The idea that someone I know took the time to create and share something special with me always fills my heart with joy. For me, this is a very special act of friendship and generosity. Let me tell you, if you cook for me your ranking shoot up!

Gathering friends around the dining room table for a meal was one of the activities that I missed the most during the COVID19 Quarantine. So when 2022 rolled around and we were able to de-mask and show up in person, the first thing I did was to organize gather people for meals.

One of things I made sure that I prepared was homemade hot cocoa with milk and fresh whip creme. A gathered the ingredients, I realized that this delicious beverage represented the power of human connection in mug.

The Mug of Hot Cocoa represented :

Tradition – Friends, former athletes, student have been drinking this beverage for decades. Being invited to our home has become a rite of passage and the confirmation that our bond of friendship has strengthened.

Hospitality – Stirring the Hot Cocoa pot is an important and shared group responsibility.

Caring – This beverage sends a message to everyone in attendance “that you matter

Inclusion – I have watched guests of all ages and all backgrounds converse, bond and develop friendships over this simple ritual.

That simple mug of cocoa provided the best lesson that human connection begins with small moments.