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The Rolling Stones Can Teach Us A Few Lessons About What It Means to be “Engaged At Work”

Rolling Stones can teach us a few lessons about what it means to be “engaged at work.”

Last week, I attended a Rolling Stones concert with my husband at the MetLife Stadium in New Jersey, and the experience left a lasting impression. Watching Mick Jagger’s constant, non – stop energy on stage made me reflect on what it truly means to be engaged at work. Here are a few takeaways from their performance:

1. Mastering Their Craft: The Stones’ showmanship and musical skills have been honed over decades since their first concert in 1962.

2. Strong Sense of Identity: They exude confidence in who they are, and where they are in life, attracting fans of all ages, as seen with AARP being one of their sponsors.

3. Collaboration and Empowerment: The band creates a space for others to shine, evident in their interactions with their fellow musicians and back-up singer Lisa Fischer.

4. Unstoppable Energy: Mick’s dynamic stage presence throughout the concert defies age stereotypes, emphasizing that age is just a number you create.

5. Relevance and Innovation: They balance their timeless classics with new songs, showcasing a blend of the classic and contemporary.

6. Effortless Communication: The seamless bond and communication between Mick, Keith Richards, and Ronnie Wood demonstrate years of shared experiences, resilience and musical synergy.

The Rolling Stones exemplify how passion, collaboration, and innovation can sustain engagement and relevance in any profession. #RollingStones #Engagement #WorkLessons #liveyourpassion #rollingstones

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