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Sometimes we need to reach out for help when we are having communication challenges reserver
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Having a Communication Challenge?  Sometimes we just need to  contact a trained professional.

When we encounter communication challenges, sometimes we just have to woman or man up and ask a trained professional for help.
Websites, apps, and technology enable us to function as self-sufficient beings.  Being an independent professional forces you to be your own IT support.  This role requires us to read many vender-generated pdfs, endure bot-driven chats, and scroll through countless Q & A’s, all in Quixote-like searches for a solution.  One that you often do not find. 

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Learning From First Graders

Are you going fully remote? Fully in person? Hybrid? Staggered? So many of these terms were only a small part of corporate life, now it’s all we think about. What can we learn about how to re-engage and welcome people back from other institutions, outside of business?

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