Look Up! What Did You Say?! The Perils of Communicating (or Not) While Digitally Distracted!​

In a working world where professionals pride themselves on their ability to stay connected and multi-task, this presentation reflects on human behaviors in a digital age in a virtual world. Ms. Ryan discusses the impact of what we are doing and not doing, and how changing certain behaviors will pay off.  Julienne will share the wisdom she gathered from growing up in Queens, New York City and everything she’s learned afterward in roles which required her to work with people. She will use humor and insight and stories to engage her attendees in listening, learning and fun.

Who Can Benefit

  • Managers and Staff Members at any level aiming to communicate effectively
  • Anyone who has to talk to humans regularly!

Course Content

  • The science of human behavior
  • Case studies
  • Statistics
  • Fun interactive exercises