Additional Workshops


  • Let me tell you what you need to know – The Art of Giving Effective Feedback
  • From Today to ‘Back in the Day’Managing across Generations and other challenges


Career Development and Transition

  • It’s all about your Back Story—Incorporative effective business and personal narratives into your interview process

Note: This session can be designed for internal/external candidates and Hiring Managers



  • Networking Skills — “What it is and What it isn’t” —Learn this essential skill for business and professional growth
  • When Do I Get To Speak & When Do You Get to Listen? What You Need To Know As An Extrovert or Introvert In Interviewing and Networking Situations!



  • The Importance of Being “the Other”— inclusivity lessons learned at kitchen tables, in schoolyards and on subways and buses – Diversity and Inclusion Learnings shared and presented in a structured, interactive presentation.
  • Iggy (Pop) & Me— A speech about meeting life challenges and making important changes
  • Making the Leap— What Zip lining in Alaska taught me about working through fears and challenges
  • Crossing Bridges — Conquering fears. No actually, it’s about learning to drive while terrified and with staff members in my car!