October, 2022
#SchnepsMedia Power Women of Queens

The Power Women of Queens honors those fearless females who make Queens the thriving and vibrant place it is to work, live and do business. When women support women, amazing things happen. #SchnepsMedia #PowerWomenQueens  #WomenLeaders #QueensNewYork  #QueensNYAuthor #Humorist

October 17, 2022
Leadership Story Talks by Narativ, Inc.

spotifysoundcloudaudiblestitcherapple podcast

Listen in on real-world stories about leveraging listening and storytelling to become a better leader and management professional.

Leadership Story Talks is a podcast hosted by Jerome Deroy, CEO of Narativ, Inc. and Julienne Ryan, business author, communication and HR specialist, and frequent Narativ training contributor.

In each episode, Jerome and Julienne discuss the practices that engage, motivate, develop, retain, and attract people to businesses, whether these are your customers or your employees. Their principles and tools are based on real world stories that leverage listening and storytelling to become a better leader and management professional. #AppliedStorytelling #Listening #Narativ #ActiveListening #BusinessStorytelling

December 2, 2020
“Meet The Author” Series
Institute for Supply Management – New Jersey 

ISM (the Institute for Supply Management) and ISM – New Jersey strive to enhance the value and performance of procurement and supply chain management practitioners and their organizations worldwide. The “Meet the Author” Series invites sourcing thought leaders from across the globe to share their thoughts on trends, innovation and leadership. #Leadership #Authors #Storiesthatmatter #WomenLeaders

“Look Up”

Julienne Ryan’s a ATD-CT presentation finalist described the power of storytelling in a humorous poem that was a stylistic homage to Dr. Seuss  ATD-CT’s mission is to provide a local forum in which learning and development professionals from Southern Connecticut  and Southeastern New York can enhance their knowledge of the talent development field, share best practices and build relationships with colleagues #HumorousStorytelling #Storytelling #PersonalNarratives #LearningandDevelopment #Leadership #BusinessStorytelling