Communications & Relationship Building Programs*

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Look Up! What Did You Say?! The Perils of Communicating (or Not) While Digitally Distracted!

In a working world where professionals pride themselves on their ability to stay connected and multi-task, this presentation reflects on human behaviors in a digital age in a virtual world. Ms. Ryan discusses the impact of what we are doing and not doing, and how changing certain behaviors will pay off.

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Tell Me Something I Don’t Know — Storytelling for Leadership and Teambuilding

Develop the power of story-telling for leadership and team building! Julienne Ryan will take you through an interactive storytelling exploration guaranteed to have you thinking, smiling, and communicating.  You will leave the session with valuable insights about how to communicate your personal insights, intellectual strengths, and technical skills in your workplace.
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Building Trust through Active Listening

Are you always discussing the need to improve communications where you work? Are you tired of hearing the same complaints and wasting time sorting out miscommunication conflicts? Here’s a session that will show you what it means to use Active Listening Skills, and how to develop them in four simple steps! Learn practical tips about addressing your communication challenges, as Julienne Ryan leads you through a fun, humorous interactive session based on her experience teaching, guiding and leading groups.

General Information

The outline below is some important things to know about how Julienne Ryan prepares for your event.

Ms. Ryan

  • Provides Virtual & In Person Workshops*
  • finds the ideal approach to the desired theme
  • believes research and communication is the key to a successful event
  • Interviews the client and key stake holders to learn about the event, audience, and event history
  • creates unique presentations precisely tailored to the people and environment
  • presents in a format that enhances participant engagement
  • designs presentations and workshops as interactive experiences by keeping various personality styles in mind
  • measures success by her feedback and audience participation
  • presents a quality experience that lasts from 30 minutes to one hour
  • develops a speech as a stand-alone key-note experiences, or designs it to complement a larger event such as a training event, team building or leadership experience
  • designs her workshops so they can be presented in two hours, half day, full days or two day sessions depending on the target audience and goals
  • presents at corporate sites, conference sites or restaurants