Booking a speaking engagement

Julienne’s Programs* are perfect for:

(Wherever Laughter and Smiling Is Needed!)

  • Keynote
  • Annual Meeting
  • Opening Session
  • Closing Session
  • Kick-Off Session
  • After-Dinner
  • Luncheon
  • Breakfast
  • Management Retreat
  • Convention
  • Employee/Customer Appreciation event
  • Awards Banquet
  • *Virtual & In Person 

Speaking Topics

“What did you say? The Perils of Communicating or Not! While Digitally Distracted!”
“Find Your Front Stoop – The Art of Listening, Engaging and Connecting!”
“A ‘Holistic Guide” to Your Life on Zoom”
“Tell Me Something I Don’t Know!”
“That’s Not What I Meant to Say!”
“When Do I Get to Speak and You Get to Listen”
“Being the Hero of Your Back Story!”
“Ageless Connections”

"they were engaged, laughing, content and wanting more. When it came time for an exercise, an often stubbornly static crowd gladly dove in..."
J. Platt
PROGRAM DIRECTOR at Worldwide Business Research (WBR)

A few examples of my talks...

Thriving In Your Bunker – “The ‘Holistic Guide’ to Navigating Your Virtual Existence”

Look Up! – “The Perils of Communicating While Distracted”

Story Sharing Workshop Intercultural/Race Conversations

“Hear me. See me. Know me” This active listening and story sharing session focuses on building greater cultural understanding about race and gender. I collaborate with an inclusion and diversity expert in order to address unconscious bias/implicit bias awareness while leveraging story sharing methodologies.

The session’s goal is improved cultural awareness, lower  turnover, and garner support for human services/rights.

Multi-Generational Communications

  • “Ageless Connections” –This humorous speech and/or workshop highlights the “don’ts of intergenerational conversations. This is humorous acknowledgement of our communication habits and I share five things we should do when we communicate with across generations. ( i.e., Mind your metaphors and assumptions!)
  • “Storytelling 101 – Relationship Building Workshop for Seniors /Mature Adults” This workshop teaches basic story telling /sharing concepts and provides participants with an opportunity to create and share a short vignette
  • “Tell Me Something I Don’t Know!”– A Story based exchange for Seniors /Caregivers This session is designed to Build trust and understanding with nurse, aide, and caregivers. While the session highlights storytelling basics the emphasis is on story sharing to build trust and stronger, productive relationships
  • Seniors – Students (High School & College) or Young Adults – Story Telling Exchange
  • This session is designed to bring youth and senior citizens together in a story sharing exchange. The goals are to build a sense of community, communication skills and appreciation and respect about their shared life experiences.

Hospital Staff Doctors, Nurses and Health Care Service Providers

  • “Hero Moments of Medical and Administrative Support Staff” Session provide staff with an opportunity to share their “hero moments” and their “what you didn’t know about me” moments for relationship building, staff engagement, trust and  appreciation.
  • “Listen and Learn – Health Care Professionals ” This session focuses on how using the Storytelling 101 principles can help medical professionals and staff “listen” and “connect” with patients of all ages.
  • “Listen & Learn – Senior and/or Patient Share” – Seniors have an opportunity to share stories and their perspectives regarding the good and challenging moments of “being heard and understood” in regards to medical related conversations

Personal Transformation and Addressing Personal Change

  • “Living Your Legacy…Now”  Throughout the centuries people have always found places to save & hide their treasures, but sometimes people sometimes forget to visit or use them! This is a humorous and touchingly insightful presentation about how we can reconnect with our personal gifts and rediscover our “treasures” This session addresses things worth saving and remembering. I challenge participants to answer the question “Where have I brought the most value?” This session is about legacy learning & building and learning how to seize the moment to create opportunities!
  • “Tales from the Attic! What I learned from emptying and closing my childhood home” – This is a humorous, insightful and practical presentation about lessons learned managing elder care and emptying the parent’s home of 60 years. This session addresses the myths we create for ourselves about navigating life’s challenge and some practical things we should consider doing during the process.
  • “Be the Wizard of Personal Reinvention and Epic Change” A fun speech and interactive presentation about how we can use our challenges, fears and failures as learning tools that can lend clues to how we can use our gifts and bring value to our lives and others. In this session, I “discuss” how we can stare down our epic fails, moments of self-doubt and convert them into brave reboots. She will be sharing her thoughts about “Things worth knowing. Things worth remembering. Things worth sharing.”

Find Your Funny!
How many times have we chided ourselves for making goofy mistakes or forgetting things as we’ve gotten older? This is a session that allows you to truly relax and be yourself in a supportive environment as we address our tales of life, where you came from, what you encountered and what happened next. Don’t hesitate because what have you got to lose?!

  • “Tales from the Podium” How I learned about public speaking and comedy while I was growing up in Queens as the shyest kid on the planet and then moving on to work in Human Resources, becoming a college dean while being married to an Irishman who never met a sentence he couldn’t make longer.
  • “I am more than my LinkedIn Profile”
    You must have noticed this happening? You get to a certain point in life and it suddenly hits you that “ I am done trying to be what I think society expects of me… I want to be myself, where I am in life, what I’ve been through and what it taught me” person. In this session, we have some fun cultivating stories from our “no one has a perfect past existence.” This session is built on my motto “ Our crazy life experiences will come in handy one day!” This presentation comments on the challenges of keeping track of “us” in challenging and changing times and things we can do guide and reenergize ourselves in conversations. This session notes how doing some simple things will actually help us connect with others.