Tell Me Something I Don’t Know - Storytelling for Leadership and Teambuilding

Develop the power of story-telling for leadership and team building! Julienne Ryan will take you through an interactive storytelling exploration guaranteed to have you thinking, smiling, and communicating.  You will leave the session with valuable insights about how to communicate your personal insights, intellectual strengths, and technical skills in your workplace.

Suggested number of participants — 15 to 50 people
Content can be delivered in conjunction with individual 1:1 coaching sessions

This offering can also be presented as part of an organization-wide experience

We deliver this workshop as:

  • A Half Day
  • One Day Course
  • Multi-day event

Who Can Benefit

  • Managers and Staff Members at any level aiming to communicate effectively


  • Communication
  • Leadership Skills
  • Trust
  • Employee Engagement
  • Staff Productivity

Course Content

  • Storytelling 101 basics
  • How to use the storytelling archetypes and heroes to build your story
  • Understand how and when to use storytelling to facilitating compelling conversations and development teamwork
  • Learn how to uncover the  “Local Hero” moments in your life
  • The importance of your “Back Story” or “Origin Story.”