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About Julienne Ryan

Julienne Ryan is a Certified Executive Mentor, having successfully completed the Collective Brains Executive Mentor Certification Course. With a passion for fostering professional growth and development, Julienne is dedicated to helping individuals and organizations achieve their full potential.


About Collective Brains

Collective Brains was launched in 2020 by former Microsoft executive Cesar Keller and a group of over 100 Executive Mentors. Its mission is to disrupt the future of corporate learning. It provides cutting-edge L&D solutions, including the Collective Brains Executive Mentoring Certification course, curation and monitoring of Personal Development Plans, AI-empowered Soft Skills programs, Internal Mentoring Programs, and Hybrid Learning Platforms.


What We Offer

Tailored Mentoring Programs:

Customized mentoring programs to suit your specific professional needs and goals.

Strategic Guidance:

Benefit from Julienne’s wealth of experience and industry insights to navigate your career path effectively.

Personalized Development Plans:

Receive personalized development plans to enhance your skills and capabilities.


Why Choose Julienne?

Julienne’s commitment to excellence and her proven track record in guiding professionals toward success make her the ideal choice for your mentoring needs. With her expertise and personalized approach, she is dedicated to helping you achieve your professional aspirations.



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Why Should You Hire a Mentor?

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