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Join us for our Procurement Foundry Live on Linked In Event  as we discuss, leadership, relationships, communication and what we need to be thinking about in 2022

  • Narativ Storytalks 


Listen to our Narrativ StoryTalks a podcast by Narativ, Inc.  with Jerome Deroy CEO Narativ, Inc. 

  • Narativ Storytalks

STORYTALKS - A Podcast by Narativ

Listen to our StoryTalks a podcast by Narativ with Jerome Deroy CEO Narativ, Inc. 

STORYTALKS - A Podcast by Narativ

Kitchen Table Talks – “Modeling The Change We Aspire To See”  Michael T. Holmes & Julienne B. Ryan 

a podcast about developing positive race relations

Laurel Donnelan’s Compasionate’s Leader’s Circle Podcast 

Indie Author Day 

AccuMatch Behavior Intelligence Webinar Series 

Mensimah’s Round Table: Conversations with Women of Power and Grace

HR Hardball with John Reaves Whitaker

Dope & Damaged Author Interview                            with Nes Reign 

My interview with George Grombacher  

Listen to my author interview about “The Learned-It-In- Communications Playbook -Winning Against Digital Distraction”