Staff Engagement - Memorable Moments

Staff Engagement – Would you consider Making Memorable Moments?


Have you and your team faced extraordinary challenges working in a COVID 19 World? And have you still achieved extraordinary things together? Do you have a plan to remember and honor what your teams have done?


Your employee’s actions have probably created great stories that are hiding in plain sight. These stories can be identified, shared, and celebrated. It can be a great way to strengthen and bring your team together.


Before you forge too far into 2022, take the opportunity to acknowledge your group’s efforts by holding an organization-wide story share. Our technique uses structured story-building sessions that offer your staff members the chance to recognize their peer’s noteworthy, memorable moments.


We help highlight how they went above and beyond and applaud their efforts. It is an effective, moving, and straightforward way to engage, motivate and appreciate your team.


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