AccuMatch Behavior Intelligence (BI)

What is  AccuMatch Behavior Intelligence Map and Methodology?

AccuMatch BI is the only neural mapping platform that is able to expose unconscious habits.  The AccuMatch Behavior Intelligence platform  accomplishes this by the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Psychology and Science.  This methodology helps individuals and teams understand themselves and each other in ways they’ve never been able to before.

AccuMatch BI is like viewing an EKG of the brain’s unconscious behaviors. The Map is organized into key categories (IE, execution style, decision reference, etc.)  My clients and I use this map to identify and address negative behaviors so they can accelerate their business’s, their professional or their personal growth.

What is Behavior Intelligence?

Behavior Intelligence (BI) is the ability to observe behavior without judgement. The art of observing without judging is a coaching skill that is fundamental to removing prejudice from a coaching session with a client and  eliminating the need to impose one’s own rules onto others.  This Map enables the coach and client to  access information about how someone responds to specific triggers  they encounter in their day, by mapping their neural-networks. These neural-pathways are what their brain has created that is observed as an automatic unconscious response.

How can AccuMatchBI help you?

AccuMatchBI™ provides and unbiased, data supported view of your behavior patterns. It provides and objective way to see how our patterns affect how we view and address situations.

Most leaders are familiar with models like Myers & Briggs or DISC that help you identify your personality styles or types AccuMatch BI™ takes it a step further, incorporating proven psychology and neuroscience data with computer science and artificial intelligence.  The combination focuses on one thing: Accelerating positive results. The AccuMatch BI™

AccuMatch BI can be used for:

  • Individual and group assessments
  • Access and identify behaviors required to effectively drive culture change,
  • Support organizational and people performance
  • Address the impact of conscious an unconscious bias on attracting, developing and retaining a diverse and inclusive workforce.

What qualities define an AccuMatch BI Coach?

An AccuMatch BI Certified Coach is experienced in both behavioral intelligence challenges and strategies,  narrative and appreciative inquiry as well as business methodologies and best practices.

AccuMatch Behavior Intelligence’s Back Story 

I had the privilege and pleasure to meet and get to know Nagui Bihelek, Founder and CEO AccuMatch Behavior Intelligence when I was a guest on his weekly podcast Webinar Wednesdays a global podcast devoted conversations with coaching experts.

Nagui Bihelek, a Neural Research Scientist based AccuMatch BI on years research in neuroscience and its impact on human behavior and his beliefjudging, is that technology can be used to solve human problems.

The  AccuMatch Behavior Intelligence  Platform is the result of nearly 40 years of experience in business, coaching, corporate leadership and has been validated by PhD’s, Psychologists, Neuro Scientists, MBA and Master Coaches.

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