What our clients are saying about us:

“Julienne’s presentation at ProcureCon Indirect West garnered 5 stars on out app – and to be honest, I wasn’t surprised. From where I stood, monitoring the time, sound and content as I do from the back of the room, the bleary-eyed day 3 crowd had been woken up like a light bulb turning on – they were engaged, laughing, content and wanting more. When it came time for an exercise, an often stubbornly static crowd gladly dived in and discussed the clever handouts Julienne had provided to supplement her vibrant presentation. I’d be thrilled to have Julienne on any program, as I know she is a presenter who will undoubtedly engage, stimulate and provoke thought and laughter. You can never underestimate that unique power.” 

— Jennifer Platt, Program Director at Worldwide Business Research (WBR)

“I had the pleasure of working with Julienne as she was our keynote speaker for a recent inaugural alumnae event at Manhattan College. Above all, I was in awe of her ability to connect with and engage the audience while still commanding the room. She managed the perfect balance when pivoting between serious and humorous moments, keeping the session light, airy, and inspirational. Her positivity and excitement simply transformed the day. Julienne’s a top-notch speaker, and I’d recommend her to anyone!”

— Gabrielle Quezada, Community Engagement Expert, Manhattan College

“Jules Ryan is one of the most energizing, enabling professionals I have ever had the opportunity to work with. I never saw her encounter a set of circumstances that she couldn’t handle (or joke about). She is able to take the lead when needed, but can also position each person she works with to achieve their best as well. Jules never overlooks a detail or an opportunity to accomplish ‘more’ through an event or encounter, and her investment in preparation is inspiring. I collaborated with her on several ISM-New York related efforts and enjoyed each opportunity to participate in (and learn from) Jules’ approach to making things happen. “

— Kelly Barner, Owner & Managing Director – The Buyer’s Meeting Point

“I know Julienne as a consummate professional, who has presented workshops for WJCS. Julienne is an excellent presenter, and has an engaging personality that enables her to connect readily with her audience.  She is extremely responsive, reliable and responsible.  She has many wonderful teaching skills that help to establish a rapport and has created excellent written material to accompany her presentations.”

— L. Rosenbaum, Director – WJCS Women-Helping-Women

“Julienne is a very creative career coach and facilitator with unique skills in getting individuals to tell their “story”. This is extremely helpful for anyone that is looking for jobs or changing careers. She uses storytelling and language creatively to engage participants and easily builds rapport with her audience when facilitating a workshop or seminar. I highly recommend Julienne as a career coach and as a facilitator/speaker.”

— Joan Learn, President – Learn Career Options

“I’ve known and worked with Julienne in various ways for quite a long time. While we first met when she worked in C-Level executive recruiting, I believe she’s developed an amazing skill: helping people in transition re-shape – even re-envision – their next stage around the things that they a) care passionately about and b) excel at.

As Julienne’s evolved this pretty unusual skill, she’s employing a broader and more compelling range of techniques. She’s incorporating three useful paths:

  • Facilitating – I’ve seen few people who have Julienne’s ability to meld a group of people into a team within an hour, get them focused on a goal and then have them all contribute to reach it. She’s adept at probing, building, codifying, and synthesizing “on the fly” while facilitating.
  • Framing – or storytelling – Julienne listens intently to clients and then gently bounces ideas off of them to help them develop a compelling personal narrative (or pitch). She doesn’t dictate, she collaborates until you feel like it’s your idea and you own it. She then helps you buff it until it’s natural, conversational and compelling.
  • Humor – Using droll observations, personal stories and the occasional pithy provocation, she enables people to open up and be themselves as they work towards evolving into a new career – or life focus. It’s quite a wonderful to watch people relax with the humor, which enables them to look at themselves with a lighter and slightly altered perspective.”

— R. L. Kirkpatrick, CEO – Essential Ventures

“Julienne is a distinguished speaker with exceptional presentation skills that definitely guide her audience’s expectations. Her workshops give insights on timely subjects, while her materials are always useful to our current needs. Her presentation style is interactive, engaging and thorough. She is friendly, focused, exceptionally knowledgeable and relaxed. She inspires and motivates her listeners. In short, she is a competent leader. .. . I recommend Julienne Ryan to any professional group seeking to educate and inspire its members.”

— Isabelle Edwards, Producer & Host – “Diabetes Diva”, Former President – Sleepy Hollow Toastmasters, Former Governor – Toastmasters (District 46)

“She is talented and an engaging coach who has presented workshops to my undergraduate and graduate students in Doctoral Leadership and Business and Communication programs at Molloy College and St. John Fisher College of New Rochelle. At both sites she taught my students the power of storytelling. Her lesson focused on how storytelling could be used as a powerful engaging and leadership tool in the professional field.

Julienne is creative, energetic and a natural educator. She was able to quickly engage my students and had them write their own stories about their professional journey and then they shared it with their classmates. Her teaching evaluations have been positive and the students wanted her back.”

— Dr. Janice Kelly, Chair and Associate Professor – Professional Communication and Certified Family Life Educator – Molloy College

“Julienne has been an active Mentor in Baruch’s Executives on Campus organization since 2009. During her time as a mentor, speaker and workshop facilitator, she has made a tremendous impact on our students and alumni.

Julienne is a mentor in EOC’s Academic-Year Long Program where she works one-on-one with a student for the school year. The impact that she has on the students is incredible; we survey our students on their experience and Julienne has only received positive, glowing reviews. Julienne also participates in our Mentor for a Morning and Mentor for an Evening events and receives the same feedback. Julienne is delightful to work with; she cares deeply about helping our students and offers valuable guidance. With her mentees, she suggests innovative ideas and is passionate about moving their career forward in a positive direction.

Julienne has also participated in our Job$mart Career Hour Workshop Panel Program. As a panelist she was engaging and enlightened the audience. And as a reflection on her character and spirit, she and the other two panelists have become friends. The day that she participated as a speaker, the room was beyond capacity with standing room only.

Julienne is also sought out by other organizations and departments at Baruch College. She was asked to facilitate break out groups at the 13th Annual Symposium on Communication and Communication-Intensive Instruction presented by the Bernard L. Schwartz Communication Institute. For the last 12 years, this unique event has brought together leaders in business and education to explore how to best provide undergraduates and beginning professionals the tools they need to grow as effective, confident speakers and writers. The themes this past spring were “literacies” and storytelling. She of course was an expert.

This past spring, Julienne led a story-telling workshop, “Marketing Your Personal Brand Using the Art of Storytelling” at Baruch College’s first ever Alumni Career Conference. And again, her presentation was well attended and well received!”

— J. McLoughlin, Engaged Learning Manager – Cornell Tech, Former Director – Executives on Campus (EOC), Baruch CUNY

“Julienne was a wonderful business partner with superior focus on customer service. She went above and beyond to understand both the capabilities and the personality dynamics in our group in order to help me to build a highly capable and results oriented team. In addition, she was a tremendous resource to me as a new manager. Her willingness to make introductions and share and share her contacts in the organization made my transition easy and effective.”
— C. Cornell, Coach, Facilitator, Professor and Speaker embracing Wild Success and Authentic Happiness.

“The training helped me prepare for my job interviews by giving me the tools and information I needed to interview effectively.”

— S.C. Fairfield County, CT

“The feedback I received enabled me to change my communication style and my perspective become more effective.”

— P.Y. NYC, NY

“Julienne Ryan has been my professional mentor over the years. She has inspired me to hone in on my creative niches and make it work with my professional HR background. She has great techniques and ideas to help educate others in moving forward with their career goals.”

— R.R. NYC, NY

“Julienne’s energetic nature is inspirational. Her approach is supportive, caring and thought-provoking. The use of creative tools to engage learning and insight helped me to “dig deep” to find those qualities, both personal and intellectual that made me successful in the past. My consultation with her enabled me to focus on my accomplishments and assisted me in transitioning to a new opportunity.”

— M.G – Westchester County, NY

“The training helped me prepare for my job interviews by giving me the tools and information I needed to interview effectively.”

— S.C. Greenwich, CT

“The feedback I received enabled me to change my communication style and perspective to become more effective.”

— P.Y. NYC, NY

“Julienne is a distinguished speaker with exceptional presentation skills. Her workshops give insights on timely topics, while her material is always useful to our current needs. Her presentation style is interactive, engaging, and thorough. She is friendly, focused, exceptionally knowledgeable and relaxed. She inspires and motivates.”

— I.A.E. White Plains, NY

“She’s developed an amazing skill: helping people in transition to re-shape—even re-envision—their next stage around the things that they care passionately about and excel at. Julienne has evolved this pretty unusual skill and she’s employing an ever broader and more compelling range of techniques. She’s incorporating three useful paths: Facilitating, Framing (or Storytelling) and Humor”

— K.K., Philadelphia, PA