It’s hard to speak up in a crowd… but sometimes your voice needs to be heard.

It’s hard to speak up in a crowd or in a group, but sometimes your voice needs to be heard.  Speaking in front of large groups can feel daunting at times because engaging a crowd is an art and a science. You have to learn about your audience and what they may expect from a speaker. You have to figure out what topic will engage and how you can make it uniquely yours. But most of all you have to learn how to get comfortable about standing in front of the group alone.  Because no matter the speech is about, speaking in front of a group requires you to be alone and looking at faces.  It’s an active relationship that’s a living thing. Each speech is a unique situation, no matter how many times you give a speech. Hearing your own voice and only your voice can be a little nerve wracking… but that doesn’t mean that you are not a good speaker, it only means that you are a self aware speaker.

I just read an article that inspired me because it captured some of the emotions that public speaking can evoke. There is a Senior High School student in Maine who is the only cheerleader at her school. The article was accompanied with a photo showing this young woman standing alone and facing the crowd at her school’s football game! She was leading her school in the cheers!  I loved what she had to say about her experience.  While she is nervous, and wishes she had some company she doesn’t want to let her school down.  So remember, everyone gets nervous, it’s working with the fear and “getting it down that matters.”  Here’s the link to the story!