a picture of breathe mints and mints on a green background to discuss a communications and the increase of mint sales post covid 19

Newly Minted Data

Last week, I heard about a trend study that made me smile. Breath mint sales are on the rise.

I was driving to Boston to deliver a keynote address about communications and connecting with other humans in our digital world, and my radio was tuned to an NPR affiliate station. The co-hosts were discussing our social lives in a post-COVID-19 Pandemic world and how breathe mint sales have been rising steadily for the past year. The host noted that the mint business had been in the proverbial dumpster during COVID because, as we all remember, no one was going anywhere or talking to people.

This simple fact showed me how a simple fact can teach us an interesting lesson about ourselves and our desire to connect with other living, breathing humans in 3D.

And because I write about about the importance of “Asking One More Question!” in my book and am an ENFP, I was compelled to search Google for more information about the history of breath mints, etc.

I am sharing the links to my “research” on my website’s blog below so you can reference them in conversation this Memorial weekend when you are hanging out in the yard with friends and family and waiting for your burger and franks

Here’s the history of breath mints and more!