A grilled cheese sandwich was my Friday reward when I was growing up in Queens, New York

Take a moment to acknowledge your week’s efforts with a Friday ritual. When I was growing up in Queens, New

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folded slice of Queens Pizza
being authentic

Happy Thanksgiving – “Keep it Authentic but keep it together at the table!”

Happy Thanksgiving! Here’s my “Learned-It-In Queens Communications” style holiday wish for everyone (including me!)

I hope that you have the opportunity to gather with friends and family this weekend and share special moment around the dinner table.
1. Breaking bread together provides us with an opportunity tobreak down barriers and nourishes. Consider it the yeast of communication.

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people engagement

Learning From First Graders

Are you going fully remote? Fully in person? Hybrid? Staggered? So many of these terms were only a small part of corporate life, now it’s all we think about. What can we learn about how to re-engage and welcome people back from other institutions, outside of business?

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