A sheep is demonstrating a wrong assumption

Do you make assumptions about other people?

Do you often assume they won’t have the time for you? Are your assumptions getting in your way of developing positive relationships?

Here’s an a post about a recent conversation that Jerome Deroy, CEO of Narativ and I had about how we can let our assumptions get in our own way.

Julienne and Jerome discuss the art of building relationships and trust through an experience that Julienne had before the holidays. She describes how her assumptions were proven wrong when she reached out to people to support her for a project. 
We look at the role of assumptions in our day to day lives and how they can get in the way of our ability to move forward. 
This aligns with Narativ’s method of listening specifically and in this episode we go through strategies you can use to set aside assumptions you may have that have been getting in the way of your ability to get what you need or want, and build better relationships for the long term. 


Interested in doing a deeper dive regarding addressing your assumptions and blind spot? Here’s an assessment tool that will enable you to address them – Accumatch Behavior Intelligence.