Dan Lyons Time Magazine Cover Interview

Listen More. Talk Less

Why do we talk so much?

Why is it so challenging to stay quiet?

What is the result of over talking or talking exactly at the moment when it would be so much more beneficial to stay silent?

We recently released an episode of Narativ Inc‘s LEADERSHIP STORY TALKS podcast that was all about the power of keeping your mouth shut, with the author Dan Lyons and we got so many great insights from the conversation that we decided to write an article about these.

Dan’s book STFU: The Power of Keeping Your Mouth Shut in an Endlessly Noisy World is filled with strategies that are linked in research and in observations of today’s most effective leaders.
The article highlights:

✅ Why we talk so much in the first place
✅ How to learn to STFU
✅ The practice of “forest bathing” whereby taking a slow deliberate walk in the woods can heal the mind from overtalking
✅ Leadership through listening: today’s most effective leaders are the ones who let others speak and who listen before they talk

If you want to learn how to be such a leader, I encourage you to read Dan’s book, linked in the article, AND to sign up for our 3-part workshop series beginning on April 27. You’ll learn how to a be a better listener, storyteller, and how this will pay dividends in your leadership of others.

Check out the article and the workshop links in the comments below

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Link to the 3-part workshop starting on April 27, early bird discount NOW: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/596191273147

Link to article: https://narativ.com/uncategorized/stfu-improve-leadership-dan-lyons/