Develop your listening and business storytelling skills to become an effective leader

What Makes You Unique? What Story are You Telling Yourself and Others?

When we are in the midst of uncertain times, the best thing we can do ourselves when we are experiencing challenges, is to take a and remember what we learned when we took a moment to learn from the wisdom of others. It’s important to listen and learn from our collective stories.

Here’s a great interview of Narativ Inc.founder Murray Nossel talking about legacy stories, the power of stories about failure, and how to relate to your listeners in such a way that they connect with you and your subject matter.
A gold mine of knowledge and information to apply to your messages.

During this session he talks about commonly held misconceptions about what it means to demonstrate Leadership skills and how he came to learn this important lesson. So listen to how his experiences during a turbulent time helped form the Narativ’s Methodology.

I invite you to consider this question after you have listened to this session – “Do you know when to use story for your business? And WHY…?”