A picture of the elf on the shelf helps teac a leadership lesson.

This Elf is a Great Leader!

“The Elf” on the Shelf is a very good leader.”

Julienne Ryan

Who knew? Here’s what we can learn from him:

1. He doesn’t have to talk a lot to make his presence known
2. Elf sets clear expectations and models the desired behavior
3. He lets you know where you stand and provides feedback
4. Elf reminds us who we aspire to be and why
5. He believes that we can make positive changes
6. Elf always shares a smile

Be the Elf.

Here are a few links to information that will help you achieve your leadership best.

  1. Watch the Narativ Storytalks Podcast where Jerome Deroy, COO Narativ and I discuss what it takes to engage and lead people!
  2. Circle back to register for our forthcoming Leadership Workshop
  3. Forbes – “The Most Important Leadership Skills for the 21st Century.

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