How to keep your communication cool in your virtual world!

Most of us get frustrated and sometimes angry when we don’t hear back from someone. When we finally do get a response, many times we don’t like or understand it! Then we find ourselves turning into our own version of the big Code-Red Angry Dude. When we are upset, it’s easy to overreact!

How many times are we tempted to respond right away and just let it all out? But does, reacting this way help? Has losing it ever solved our difficulties? Probably not. Here’s a question to ask yourself the next time you get a message you don’t like and want to reply immediately with something less than civility.

“Am I really reading the actual message or is something else going on?”

This question can help, because maybe the situation isn’t actually how it appears to you in the moment. But one thing is for sure. If you let loose with a rip-roaring, angry response, things will certainly go from bad to worse!

What helps us in these Code-Red situations?

First of all, when you are in the middle of a communication that’s hitting your buttons, remember the image of the Code-Red Angry Dude that you would rather not become, then hit your internal pause button.

Then take a long breath,  as in commuting by subway and trying to get from Queens to Manhattan long.  Then, exhale slowly and read this excellent article  “Leadership at a Distance – The Road to Global Virtual Excellence”  by Pernilla  Rorso  Managing Director,  Business Consultant at Hofstede Insights, Ph.D. Fellow.

Remember …No skimming!

Julienne B. Ryan is the author of “The Learned  – It – In Queens Communications Playbook – Winning Against Digital Distraction” Learn more about her work at www.