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How do we make the workplace work better for working people?

It’s a mouthful but a really timely question given everything that’s happening today.

We went back to our STORY TALKS episode with guest Matthew Bahl and co-host Julienne B. Ryan to write about the issues surrounding employees’ financial health and what employers can do about them.
There are so many easy steps any business can take to make a huge difference in their employees’ well-being, not just a bigger pay check (though that definitely helps.)

Financial Health Network is on the cutting edge of these solutions and providing resources to employers and employees so that the workplace really does work better for working people.

Matt Bahl's quote about financial health

Our latest blog post looks at this as well as the role of storytelling to raise awareness, convey key data points to stakeholders and present solutions that everyone can act on.

Here are the links to the full article and podcast :